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19 yr old Exploited Black Teen

I like shooting the innocent and shy quiet black teen types because once you get them going they dont seem to stop. I had the pleasure of banging this black teen who hadnt really had alot of experience in the bedroom. When we started the video i had to show her how to suck dick as she told me she had never done that before. But about 5minutes in her blowing me i had to think she was lying to me. She sucked my dick so good i had to ask her to stop as i almost busted in her mouth. She took off her clothes and to my surprise she had a hairy black bush. Its refreshing sometimes to get this all natural type of pussy. It kinda made me think her black pussy is something that of it being wild and untamed. So i came time me to tame her wild hairy vagina with my dick. I put it in and immediatley you could start hearing squishy pussy juice noises each time i stroked her kitty with my dick. Her moans started getting louder and i just had to pace myself as i was getting to excited watching this black teen fuck me back. Her tight ass just rode back and forth on my cock and i had no choice to place her on her back and just unload all over her face. She seemed to like it as her mouth and tounge were still open catching all my nut all over her mouth and face.

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