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19 yr old Exploited Black Teen

This Ebony Girl was all smiles and super cheezin to be on this black porn video. She even brought her little pocket rocket to the shoot. Talk about being prepared. I was all excited to pull my pants down and watch her goto work sucking me off. She was all into the camera looking right at it and spitting on my dick like a little pornstar. I broke out her vibrator and put that thing on high setting and placed the toy right ontop of her black pussy. She jumped a bit and then started moaning while sucking my dick harder at the same time. I think 5 minutes went by and she pulled the vibrator away from her pussy and you could see the cream all over her pussy lips. I figured i would strap up and go on in. I didnt know that she had a super tight vagina. I tried to push on in and it was like trying to squeeze my dick through a pin hole! I wasnt which direction this shoot was going to go and didnt know if she was going to say she wasnt going to be able to fuck anymore and leave the shoot so i got right over her face and rubbed one out on her face. She didnt run so i figured she was there to stay for the duration. So i decided to give it another shot and try fucking her again. This time it was a bit better i managed to get half of my dick into her pussy so i banged away on her black ass. I felt another cumshot ready to cum so i pulled out of her and sprayed another cumshot on her tits and face. I dont think she liked me too much after that. But these are some of the things you come across when shooting amateur talent.

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